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Euro Ukrainian Relations


Relations between Ukraine and the European Union (EU) are currently defined through European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), a foreign policy instrument of the EU designed for the countries it borders. The EU is making an increasingly close relationship with Ukraine, going beyond cooperation, to gradual economic integration and deepening of political cooperation.

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Useful Tips

If you are about to embark on the journey of studying abroad too much spontaneity and impulsiveness is likely to set you up for a fall. Preparation is the key word for those seriously considering studying abroad. A good way of preparing is learning about the study programmes and scholarship programmes abroad accessible for citizens of Georgia.

How to be successful

Enquire about the educational institute or language school in the country of destination. Check out the website concerned, or call directly to find out more information about the institute or school.

Before traveling you need to apply for a study visa in the embassy of the country of destination. For some countries this is a special visa for study purposes, in other countries this concerns a standard long-term visa.

Do not trust mediators who ask money in advance without any written agreement.

International and intercultural experiences!

Globalisation is ongoing, the world is your backyard. Travelling across geographic (and cultural) borders is not only fun, but also very educational. You will learn about other cultures, and also improve your international language skills. You will learn to cooperate among people with different cultural viewpoints and you will deepen your knowledge about the differences in the world, and how to cope with them. Employers and entrepreneurs value this international experience, making it will make it easier for you to get a good job. And, we believe learning about other places, cultures and people make you a richer and a better person.

A new world of study options comes available!

No matter which country your are from, there are always more programmes offered abroad than in your home country. You might be able to specialise more in that subject that you are so interested in, you can study at the university with the best research facilities, or choose an educational structure that you like the most. More possibilities - a better choice.

A boost to your Personal Development.

A period of studies abroad also means putting yourself in a totally new social environment. You will meet a whole lot of diverse people, and make new friends. Besides, you will have to setup and manage you entire life, away from the safe home environment. Encountering different people, different environments and different perspectives, do not only make you learn about these different perspectives, but also teach you a lot about yourself and your home environment. You will return stronger, more independent, more socially skilled and with a whole lot of new friends!

Why Ukraine?

High quality, relatively low costs and Great diversity in Culture, History and Languages

International environment.

The European citizens consider themselves citizens of the world and are generally very open to foreigners. In Higher Education, internationalization has been promoted for the last decades. This has resulted in a number of joint programmes offered by universities of different countries. Also, every university hosts a large number of international students.

Why Not? Taste matters!

Other continents also have a lot to offer, if you are particularly interested in Asia, or any other continent, go there! Every continent has its own attractions, investigate them and make up your mind. The most important thing is that you come out of the experience as a more developed person. You will gain experience that you will help you both in you working life as your private life.

Higher Education is changing!

Not all degrees are yet internationally recognized and compatible, not all programmes are totally in English. However, European universities have recognized this and are working hard to improve accessibility, uniformity and mobility.

Just go for it!

If you've decided to study abroad, that's the most important step. Considering the above, GOLDEN BRIDGE Center definitely offers education possibilities that you should consider. Gather information about countries, universities and study programmes, consider your options, make up your mind and go for it!





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